11 szeptember 2012
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11 szeptember 2012,

On 7 March 2012 the public television aired the documentary film by László Pesty entitled Gypsy-Hungarian Coexistence. The film was perceived by many as racist and provoked widespread outrage. Roma and civil activists, sociologists, public personalities were protesting by handing in a petition to the leadership of the Hungarian Television, the X Communication Center gathered the film makers, Roma and non-Roma experts debating the film to be able to discuss the issue. Here you can watch our short exerpt of the documentary.

Following Pesty’s film the Roma Press Center (RSK) questioned those interviewed in the report. They were curious if those concerned were content with what they saw and heard. The feedback is unambiguous: they are astonished, they feel cheated and used. Against themselves, against their own community. Here you can watch a short exerpt of the RSK’s film.

CM claims that the film makes major generalizations about Roma. The ethnicity-based collectivization treats all Hungarian Roma as a homogeneous whole, and the film does not say whether the statements it makes apply to the Roma community as a whole, to the minority or majority of this community, or to individuals within it. Section 14 of the Media Constitution (Act CIV of 2010) states that media content providers must respect human dignity in the content which they prepare and in the course of preparing it; also that such content may not gratuitously and in a harmful manner show persons in humiliating and vulnerable situations.

Accordingly, CM requested the Authority to launch proceedings in the matter. The Authority decided not to initiate any proceedings with regards to the documentary film.

Here you can read the Request of CM and the Decision of the Media Authority.

Here you can follow the press release of CM in the matter.