12 március 2012
12 március 2012,

One of the main branches of CivilMedia’s activities is reviewing the requirement of balanced coverage in informational and news programming that reach wide ranges of audiences (we do not monitor opinion talk shows). We believe that media has a significant role and responsibility in either dissolving or strengthening societal tensions.

The first broadcast in connection with which we launched Media Law proceedings was a compilation entitled “The ones left behind” aired by Hungarian television channel TV2 on its “Daily Journal” programme. (Click here to view.)

In our brief regarding this case, we at CivilMedia made the first steps towards defining a standard for balanced coverage. We gave an overview of how the use of images, accompanying text, captions, how interview subjects are introduced, editing techniques, and all of these taken together can influence viewers. We wanted to draw attention to how important balanced, factually accurate coverage for certain groups – Roma in this case – and why it is so important.

In accordance with the provisions of the law, we began by addressing our complaints to the content provider, and when we did not receive a response, we requested that the process be escalated to the competent Media Council. The authority issued an administrative decision rejecting our request, thus we submitted a motion to the Metropolitan Municipal Court requesting a review of the Media Council’s decision.

The documents related to the case so far can be found below: