In any case where we observe unbalanced coverage in the broadcast media (radio or television), we will launch official proceedings based on the Media Law.

Studies have shown that the media plays a significant role in either strengthening or dissolving the prejudices held against minority groups. Unbalanced coverage may promote negative stereotypes.
Our aim is to ensure that the broadcast media (radio and television) provide balanced coverage of the “protected groups”: the Roma, LGBT and Jewish communities.

Unbalanced coverage: we consider as “unbalanced” any textual or visual depiction of the protected group in question (Roma, Jewish and LGBT communities) that violates principles of objective, timely, authentic, accurate and factual coverage.

Our activities in this respect:

  • We monitor the content of state-sponsored and commercial television and radio networks with high audience ratings.
  • If unbalanced coverage with respect to the protected groups is found, we launch an administrative review process against the media content provider. If this process is unsuccessful, we launch proceedings before the Media Authority in order to seek a finding of unbalanced coverage.